The courses and training that you will find on this website are different from those traditionally offered by most dog schools.  My approach in a nutshell:

  1. There is a crucial difference between education and training. Everything starts with a decent education; basic socialization, cleanliness, being able to stay alone at home, playing together,... Of course, successful education also means a minimal behavioural control or a solid basic obedience. After education, training comes along. Think of agility, flyball, dog frisbee, doggydance, tracking or protection work. A well educated dog can start any discipline that suits him / her.
  2. Building a pleasant relationship between dog and boss. It is all about the relationship between you and your dog, based on mutual respect, understanding and trust. It is important that you and your dog enjoy each other!
  3. A positive and dog-friendly method. Of course, a dog that is happy to obey, doesn't come naturally, doesn't come 'for free'. Clear and consistent communication between you and your dog are the basis for positive and dog friendly training and for a good relationship.
  4. Customised sessions. All lessons are given individually and by appointment at your home or at my place.

If any of the above strike a chord with you, don't hesitate to explore my website further or click on the contactbutton