Dear Ine,

We miss you !!!  Bradley is doing great and we love this little guy. He stays with me, even if he is not on the leash. When he is running in front of me, he often waits for me or comes back as soon as I call him. We started to work on "pang" (rolling on his side now), he gives Pfoetchen and starts to differenciate between Pfoetchen and high five :-).

Writing this email I recognize that I almost write about Bradley as I am writing about the accoplishments of our children. I never thought that I am a dog person.

Thank you for showing us to train a dog in a positive way. I was always impressed how you interact with dogs. You are a great role model for us and I am thankful that we found you. Because of you, we had a great start with our Mister and we are looking forward having him for the next years.

Cordially greetings from Iris & Paulien and a very cordial Wuff from Bradley.

Ine saved us, from a terrible nightmare! Not only did my husband bring home a Border Collie Puppy to entertain me, but little did we know... she was our very own rotary drill too! We thought with an educated dog training book, we could control our lil' hyper ball of fun....but, after several unsuccessful attempts and many little holes in the walls... we chose to have a Private Trainer for a more personal one-on-one service, rather than a room full of out-of-control puppies with one trainer begging for more time and another consultant. She came to our home, stayed long enough to train us and Rosie, while leaving us with handouts for more help during the week. With Ine's guidelines, we NOW have a wonderful, well-behaved Border Collie that waits patiently, runs off the leash, comes on demand, sits pretty, stays on command, shakes paw paw, gives me high fives, and hopefully one day will clean the house too! ***Fingers Crossed***
You won't find another that is sooooo devoted and caring as Ine Waelbers!

Jodie, from Duisburg

Dear Ine,
Thank you for giving us much much more than we ever expected.
It was a plasure to feel the passion you have for your profesion.
Steve Jobs said that the sindicates in education was the biggest mistake ever, because it allowed teachers without vocation to shalter in this system, just for the salary.
He was saved by a math teacher, who bribed him into education, just before he was about to go to the juvenile jail...
I am glad there is no sindicate for your profesion. We feel very lucky to have met you and we allready thanked our friends for guiding us to you.

Claudiu, Sterrebeek

Hi Ine

I just wanted to thank you for your invaluable help in teaching us show to interact properly with our dog. Because of your help, teaching and training Pax has become fun and easy, and we see constant progression. There are so many things you noticed and help us correct, and you also gave us an understanding of why it's important to work consistently with a dog from a young age.

You will certainly get our highest recommendation.

Best regards,



Dear Ine, 

We wanted to take time to share with you how much we enjoyed your company, your care, your advice. Your words moved us, too. They were very beautifully said and genuine :-). We are grateful for your support. We love your energy and your positivism. Every session was a pleasure, too! It taught us this mix of discipline and happiness puppies/dogs can bring.

We took a bit of time to digest all the wisdom you shared with us.  Our puppy improved in so many ways! She is calmer, licks instead of biting, sleeps more, doesn't bark like an insane creature, ... And of course, she is still sooooo full of joy and love! We are a happy family!   

Olga & Marie, Brussels

Thanks a million Ine !!!  

I learned a lot yesterday and can only admire your expertise.  This morning I'm at home and doing fairly well! I'm certainly braver because I learned how to be less afraid by using calmness - which I learn from watching you :).  I cannot say we never fall in the hole anymore but, as you said, at least we know it  now and use that awareness to try to avoid it and learn the next little thing. Not always easy but I know the reward will definitely be worth it soon: a well trained dog we can take anywhere with us.   What I loved in your document about leadership, is what it says about the owners capacity for discipline, fine and reflected thinking. 

Mary, Sterrebeek

Nora is now 16 weeks old and today we went for the first time to the dog school. We were amazed and very proud to see how much more advanced she was in terms of behavior, seeing what she already could do compared to the other pups! She was much more relaxed than most other puppies and at the end of the lesson, the instructor called her 'doctorandus' because she could already do most of the things he was teaching.

It was very nice to have experienced this. As we already told you, we do not find it easy raising a puppy, and we sometimes think that progress is not fast enough, but after what we have just seen and heard today, we are 100 % convinced that we are definitely on the right track with Nora.
Another thing we proudly want to let you know: there were only two puppies of the whole group that came instantly when called! Nora was one of them. And not only that, she also came when called while playing with the rest.

OF COURSE: we rewarded her big time for that and then let her go back to playing. We were really proud!
Many thanks for the great start that you've given Nora and us, and we can't wait for the puppy 2 course !
Greetings and a paw,

Dennis, Mieke & Nora