Are you looking for a space to organize your own workshop, lecture, course,... ? Maybe my trainingfield or classroom can offer a short or longterm solution. It doesn't have to do anything with dogs ;-). Even the garden with the cozy fireplace or fire basket can be a great location for real storytellers who like to take people on adventures in the evening.... Feel free to make an appointment if you think I can help you.
For my clients Puppy 1:  option to rent a (extra) crate, play-pen,... 

Trainingsfield - Enclosed area

Completely enclosed site (180 cm high) of about 15 ares, with lighting

Present : complete set Agility with 5 extra jumps, balance material and other material (cones, balls, trays, tires,....)

Open stable for shelter and always nicely maintained lawn.

Access to a toilet, water and electricity.

=> price : on request.

Crates, pens, gates,... 

- Several models and sizes : S, M, L, XL with 2 doors

- travel crate in tissue

- gates and puppy pen

=> For free for Clients.  Only 40 € guarantee. 

Teachingroom -  Atelier

Separate room of about 30 m².

Standard available: toilet, water and sink, heating, glasses, cups, plates, etc. for minimal catering, kettle, coffee maker, .....

If desired : possibility to use tables, chairs, electricity connection points, white wall to project on with a beamer,....

=> Price : on request

Garden for a break 

Big garden with several place to sit and relax during your break.  

Without the dogs ;-).