How it started ...

I cannot imagine my life without dogs. Especially after the arrival of my own dog(s) and during my training as an instructor, my love for dogs has evolved into a deeper curiosity about the behavior of the dog. Why does a dog do what he does? Why do some things not work as you might expect? Why do I often get the feeling that the relationship between dog and owner is not really based on mutual trust and respect? How do you get such a relationship? What is this dog trying to say to me?

In order to better understand dogs behavior and to learn their language, I started reading more and following courses.

In 2008 and 2009, I received both the diploma of instructor-educator and dog behaviorist from Geert De Bolster as the degree of dog instructor from the Royal Cynologic Union St. Hubertus (KKUSH).  Even after 10 years of practice, I still follow lectures, workshops, courses ... to keep up with new evolutions, techniques and insights to maintain a high standard of quality to work with you and your dog.  

Some examples of extra seminars, workshops, lectures,... I followed last 10 years: 

C.A.R.A.T , Level 1 Course - Animal Response Assessment Tool -- Suzanne Clothier

For the Love of Clicker Training - Advanced Training Skills - Kay Laurence

On the Cutting Edge. Advanced Training Theory for top Achievers - Pamela Reid

Behavioral Ecology of dogs + Dog Ethology - Ray Coppinger

Puppy behavioural problems: science and practice. Module 2. Tiny De Keuster & Joke Montigny (Hond & Wetenschap. Ugent)

Dog language. Agression and the means dogs have to defuse conflict - Sue SternbergĀµ

The science behind detection training - Dr. Adee Schoon

K9 Games, games for motivation, reliability, speed and precision - Ian Dunbar

Oversensitisation with (sport) dogs - Geertje Schijf, TeamUp

Introduction workshop mantrailing - Belgian Scent Academy

Preventing and treating aggression - Jolanda Pluymakers

Instructors course Detection - A+4dogs

Several extra courses at De Bolster between 2009 en 2013

  • Communication - management and training.
  • Trainingssetting versus daily environment of dog and owners
  • Agressive behavior with dogs.