Why educating and training a dog?

A dog is and remains an animal and without education, your pal can develop less pleasant traits. Without a good education, your dream on 4 legs can present you with a lot of nightmares.

The more freedom you want to give your dog, the more rules your dog will have to master. The better your dog is raised, the more fun you will enjoy with him. With an educated dog who is able to act without fear in our complex human world, you can go anywhere.

I start from a positive or reward based training method because educating and training a dog should be and remain fun, both for you and your dog. I do believe this is the only way to build up a great relationship between you and your dog. Through clear communication between the owner and the dog, you wil be able to create mutual trust and respect.

I choose a dog-friendly approach because the way a dog learns, determines the relationship between dog and owner. Pulling, draging, pushing, hurting,... the dog, is not necessary.