GROUP LESSONS - basic course of 10 lessons

The main purpose of this course is to lay a good foundation so that your pup can grow into a stable, pleasant and well behaved family dog that you can take with you everywhere you go without worries: social to humans and animals, calm when it is needed, playful when allowed and with a minimum of obedience to the basic commands.

This group course consists of 10 lessons and the group consists of a maximum of 6 participants in order to give you and your dog optimal guidance. Lessons are supervised by me only to make sure that education and training will always take place in a pleasant, playful and informal way so that training is and remains fun for both dog and owner.

Theory and practice are always alternated with each other during each lesson so that you will better understand your dog and the way he learns.  This way you can better influence his behavior. 

You will learn how to teach your pup some basic commands (paying attention to the name, coming on command, sitting and lying down, walking on a leash without pulling,...) and attention will be paid to general educting items that many of you will struggle with (potty-training, biting behaviour, learning to stay alone, becoming calm and staying calm when seeing distractions, playing...).

Contrary to the classical dog schools, I choose very consciously to teach in public spaces (e.g. Park van Tervuren) because this gives me the opportunity to teach participants and their puppies how to deal with and function in 'daily life' situations.              For example: how do you and your pup deal with a horse passing by, with cyclists and cars, screaming children, ducks and geese, a dog that comes running up to you off the leash... .

This basic course is intended for puppies from 7.5 weeks to 4 months that are following the individual package puppy 1.  The pup is not allowed to be older than 15 weeks / 4 months on the start date of the basic course to be able to participate.

If your puppy is already older than 4 months on the starting day, you can opt for the individual basic course Young Dogs. 

These group lessons are currently (2020) no longer offered. Only the private lessons.

Unfortunately, after 6 years, I suddenly no longer get the permission from the park guard to teach 6 owners with their pup on the lawn in front of the pond, in the park of Tervuren. Unfortunately, the municipality of Tervuren cannot contribute to a solution. Of course you can always go to a regular dog school, either after the private lessons or in addition to the private lessons if you wish.