Behavioral Analysis

Does your dream on four feet deliver you some nightmares? Then you have come to the right place.

Problem behaviours that you and your dog can be helped with, are diverse: jumping, aggression, fear, dirtiness, attention demanding behavior, excessive barking, claiming and defending objects, anxiety, compulsive behavior, and so on.

There are many reasons why your dog can show unwanted behavior. It can be "inconvenient" or "disturbed" behavior. Occasionally, this behavior originates from the dog himself (breed, genetics, physical cause,...), sometimes this behavior originates from the experiences the dog has gained. Often, however, it is a combination of factors that interact and reinforce each other. It is appropriate to address the problem before it derails. Sometimes, an inconvenient behaviour can become a disturbed behavior. 


By conducting a behavioural analysis, we analyse the problem and check the possible reasons for this behavior problem. Only when we know the cause of the problem, can we take the right actions to redirect the undesirable behavior to desired behavior.

After you have filled out a questionnaire and returned it to me, we make an appointment at your home. This way I can get a better picture of the behavior of your dog in his familiar surroundings and of the (practical) ways to redirect this behavior. Through the questionnaire, followed by an interview and observation of the dog, we arrive at a diagnosis, cause and prognosis. At the end of this consultation at your home, you will be given my advice and some practical guidelines as well as immediate measures to deal with the problem. Then last a few days after our appointment, you will receive the written behavioral analysis, opinions and proposed treatment plan from me.

The behavioral analysis will show whether one or several individual sessions will be enough to redirect your dog's behaviour or that a therapy and therefore more sessions will be necessary to put the behavior of your dog (back) under control.

The number of lessons that will be necessary as well as the regularity, therefore depends on your dog's problematic behavior as well as yourself. As long as the behavioral therapy continues, the progress will be followed up.