PUPPY 2 - follow up on Puppy 1

This course of 5 individual lessons, follows puppy 1 and is only for people and pups who have taken part in the basic course "Puppy 1". Lessons can be taken once every 2 or 3 weeks.

Your puppy is now almost 4 months of age. He or she now already knows many rules and there is a solid basis to continue to build on. For your puppy, the world lies at his feet and he or she will start to explore it more independently. His instincts are coming more to the foreground.   And sometimes... he seems to have bananas in his ears.... ;-).

During this second course, the focus shifts even more towards good leadership and towards developing self-control in your puppy. We will mainly go out more to practice and train in 'real' life : on the market, in the forest or park, on the tram,... During these lessons you will still get both theory and practical exercises. The learned exercises during puppy 1 will be extended, supplemented or perfected so your dog will obey even better in more diverse situations.

Here some examples of the excercices that can be part of the program:

- Learning to stay at a distance and with distractions
- Come, sit and lying down with distractions
- Exercises that contribute even more to the self control of your dog
- Retrieving
- Sending the dog to a "fixed" place 

- more walking on the leash, walking off the leash coming on command,...