Young Dogs

This course is intended for puppies / young dogs that are older than 15 weeks and / or already more than one or 2 months at home. We will start with a general session in which we will discuss the behaviour together and see where the bottlenecks lie, what he or she is already doing well.... and start some exercises. Based on my estimation and depending on your wishes and possibilities, 4 more individual lessons will follow, at your home or in the environment that matters.  Exercises will depend on what the dogs already learned.  

Depending on the needs, the serie of 5 individual lessons, a combination of exercises can be provided.  For example:

- Attention for the name, 

- better obeying to comands like "come", sit, down, stay,... 

- walking on the leash without pulling

- fetching and drop

- crate training and learning to stay alone

- sending the dog to his plac

- exercices in terms of self control

- ....