Advice on getting a dog 

information session: which breed, where to get a dog, which breeder to choose, a pup or adult dog, male or female,... 


Session to prepare the arrival of your dog

Sessie before you go get your dog : how to use a crate, what to buy or not, how to deal with pottytraining first days and nights,.... 


Puppy 1  /  puppy 2

5 individual lessons of 1 hour, weekly information and exercises by mail, follow up in between session by mail or phone. 


Young dogs : for dogs between 4 and 6 months 

first intake of 1,5 hour, followed by 4 more individual sessions. 


10 groupslessons : only for puppy 1 clients.  Max 6 pups in a group.

For the moment, there are no grouplessons offered. 


Detection (nosework)

5 sessions of van 1,5 uur.  2 'teams' can subscribe.  



10 groupslessons.  Max. 5 participants. 


Behavioural analysis 


1 hour individual training


Travel admisson 

will be adapted for the fastest route from the correspondence address and based on routeplanner www.mappy.be 

!!!! Region Brussels or Leuven: 25 € for the first session. Every next session travel will be charged at 1 € minute per minute drinving time.  For sessions taken at my place, there are of course no travel charges.  The choice is yours. 

€ 0,50 / km

To rent: crates, play-pen, gates

For free for clients.  Only 40 € guarantee

To rent : trainingscompound outside or teachingroom (with garden for a pauze) 

Price: negotiable

All prices 21 % VAT included