• Damage caused by your dog must be compensated by yourself. Therefore you (and therefore your dog) are best insured through e.g. a family insurance.
  • The class information you receive in writing or by email from Dog Behavior Center Ine Waelbers may in no way, without prior written permission, be made public, resold or reproduced.
  • Dog Behavior Center Ine Waelbers can not be held liable for damage and / or physical injury caused by students and / or dogs of students.
  • The dog with which the student participates, the vaccinations for his age to have had. The student must be able to submit a vaccination certificate.
  • The student must clean up dog faeces of his or her dog inside and outside the training location.


Once a course, workshop or series of lessons has started, the tuition fee (or a balance thereof) will not be refunded under any circumstances.  Exceptions are:

  • The death of the dog during the course or therapy series for which he/she was enrolled, attested by a veterinarian's certificate.
  • The presentation of a medical certificate drawn up by an independent veterinarian proving that the animal has a medical or psychological condition that may cause damage to the animal if the training is continued. A counter-advice can be requested by Ine Waelbers to a veterinarian appointed by her. This advice will be paid for by Ine Waelbers.


In case of cancellation of a individual lesson belonging to a package, the lesson will be cancelled and the following amounts will be charged for reschedule:

  • Cancelling until 48 hours before the scheduled appointment : €5.00 administration fee for rescheduling (and me calling other clients on the waiting list who can take your place).
  • cancelling within 48 hours before the scheduled appointment: € 15,00 administration fee if you wish to reschedule. Otherwise the appointment will be considered as taken and there will be no refund.


  • The instructor has the right to end the lesson(s) prematurely in case of doubt about the physical condition of the dog or if it appears that advices are not applied.
  • The application of instructions and advice given to the student by the instructor and any undesirable consequences of not properly executing advices, remain always the responsibility of the customer.
  • For underage students, a parent or legal representative must co-sign the registration form and also be physically present during the training. The main requirement is that the handler can keep the dog mentally and physically under control at all times.